Heat Poverty Awareness Day 2021

Friday 3 December is Fuel Poverty Awareness Day. Many people living in fuel poverty will struggle this winter. For some it could be fatal. Most years around 10,000 people die across the United Kingdom, simply because they are unable to keep their homes warm.

This winter looks to be even more deadly as the increase in energy costs will mean that many low-income and vulnerable householders may have to ration their energy usage which will lead to illness and misery. National Energy Action (NEA) is the national fuel poverty charity that works across England, Wales and Northern Ireland to tackle the root causes of fuel poverty and supports those experiencing it to be able to live in a Warm and Safe Home.

National Energy England have provided us with the following resources

How to read your electricity bill

How to read your gas bill

How to read gas and electricity meters

Using your central heating system

Dealing with damp and condensation

Getting the most from Economy 7