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A note on fuel voucher referrals

We have a very small team and have been inundated with requests for fuel vouchers.

We aren’t able to issue fuel vouchers without the client having a full energy advice appointment where we look at all the different ways they could save money on their energy costs, this takes about 30 minutes to an hour.

This April, energy costs are predicted to rise by another 50% so we want to do everything we can to bring down people’s energy costs long term. This means looking at how their home can be made more energy efficient -including easy DIY measures such as draught proofing (we send out free kit) or larger funded measures such as loft or wall insulation. We can also help people with their energy and water debts.

Please make your client aware that you are referring them for an energy advice appointment and not just a fuel voucher.

Energise Sussex Coast can offer free, impartial energy and water advice appointments to residents across East Sussex. Refer your client to us using the secure Google form below. This is a change from the previous embedded form which was not displaying to some people.

If you have any problems with our form you can email your referral to Please let us know your client’s name, contact details, why you are referring them and whether you would like a follow up email after we have spoken to your client.