How to make your Victorian home more energy efficient

AECB – Airtightness and air leakage

Understanding where buildings leak really helps when insulating.

Historic England, Energy Efficiency and Older Homes

  • Overview on energy efficiency in older homes
  • Energy Efficiency and Traditional Homes PDF available for download (from 2020)

Eco Home Essentials – Insulating Old Homes

  • Pros and cons of different insulation types in old homes
  • Extra links for different insulation types

The Victorian Eco House

First person account of upgrading the insulation in a Victorian home, including the costs and opinions.

Useful Links

Carbon Calculators

Energy Bill template

EPC Register

Home/ Business energy monitoring platform

Retrofit Coordinator Links

  • Warmer Sussex – create a whole house retrofit plan
  • Retrofit Works – an online platform co-operative linking home owners with installers and expert retrofit plans
  • Trustmark – search for Retrofit Coordinators and Trustmark certified installers


Product recommendations (please note these are the personal recommendations of the panel and not endorsed by Energise Sussex Coast)

Other interesting links

Lewes Transition Towns Online Open Eco Homes event

Examples from local residents

Watch the video recording of our Zoom webinar event and hear from 4 local residents about how they made their Victorian homes more energy efficient and other tips for lowering your carbon footprint.

  • Timings:
  • Start Richard Watson – Carbon footprinting and other ways to save energy
  • 20.43 Ken Davis – total transformation of a Victorian terraced home to as near passive house standards as possible
  • 28.01 Catherine Taylor – home restoration with a focus on insulation 33.50 Peter Varley – experience from retrofitting two properties. Includes advice on insulation, air source heat pumps and infrared heating.
  • 50.04 Q&A session

We are very grateful to our panel for giving their time and expertise for this session. The panel are very happy to answer any more questions. Please email and your question will be forwarded on.

Panel members

  • Richard Watson, CEO Energise Sussex Coast
  • Ken Davis, retired architect and sustainable design consultant
  • Catherine Taylor, local resident
  • Peter Varley, retired Chartered Surveyor and Project Manager