Energise Sussex Coast is a community benefit co-operative. Our mission is to act co-operatively to tackle the climate crisis and energy injustice through community owned renewable power and energy saving schemes.

Local – We know that our local knowledge, one to one intensive energy advice gives our clients the time and support they need to ease the burden of energy vulnerability and injustice.

Pioneers – we are piloting innovative schemes around community energy.

Ambitious – we launched the 1066 Energy Campaign, transforming the way we generate and use energy locally and influencing the national agenda on how communities can tackle the twin problems of energy injustice and climate change.

What is Community Energy?

Here is a short video by the Power to Change Trust that explains what community energy is and why it is so beneficial for people and the local area.

Our History


ESC first began giving energy advice and promoting the *CERT and *CESP schemes from a Rother District Council owned energy advice centre. ESC delivered the Renewable Heat Communities project for the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) installing renewable heating in 42 domestic homes.

CERT = Carbon Emissions Reduction Target CESP = Community Energy Saving Programme


Started pop-up energy advice desks at locations frequented by the fuel poor target groups. ESC was involved in the first Big Energy Saving Network (BESN) scheme addressing exclusion in the energy market.

ESC co-found Community Energy South, and the Schools Energy Co-op  (SEC). ESC initiated a SEC project at Glenleigh Park Primary Academy school in Bexhill (150 KWp) and a Wey Valley Solar Schools co-op project at St Leonards C of E primary school (30 KWp).


ESC led a group of 17 energy champion groups across Sussex and Kent who gave energy switching advice to 2150 vulnerable residents and trained 660 frontline staff. This was the BESN’s largest regional group and one of its most successful.

Awarded Rexel Foundation funding.

Chesshire Lehmann Fund commission fuel poverty research.


ESC founder awarded OBE for services to the community of Sussex.

ESC invited by Energy Local to be part of Innovate UK project (SWELL).

ESC wins an Awards for All project for energy health clinics for fuel poor neighbourhoods.

ESC is contracted by Amicus Horizon to be part of an NEA Affordable Warmth funded project to install 25 PVT + ASHP systems in rural off gas properties.

A partnership of Amicus Horizon, Hastings Council and Energise Sussex Coast wins £900,000 in an EU funded bid to improve 600 homes in Ore over 3 years – the first Climate Active Neighbourhood (CAN) scheme.


4th BESN scheme. ESC publishes Fuel Poverty report and hosts Community Solutions to Fuel Poverty workshop with Secretary of State for Energy.

The 1066 Energy campaign launched 2017.

ESC become contracted partners with UKPN to reduce vulnerability.

ESC FP report for Chesshire Lehmann included in “Understanding Fuel Poverty” booklet launched at House of Lords.


Face to face energy advice to over 500 residents of Ore, weekly pop up energy desks in the Food Bank and community centre, trained neighbourhood champions, set up a community tariff and offers community shares in the 1066 Local Energy solar project (250 KWp) .

Distributed and installed > 500 free electricity monitors in homes.


Collaboration with University of Kingston on the Energise Labs project.

ESC partnership with Brighton Energy Co-op (BEC) secures agreement to install 250 KWp solar on East Sussex College, Hastings (+ battery) in Feb 2019. Offer accepted by host site for free solar on Eastbourne and Lewes colleges.

Parliamentary reception to celebrate Community energy in the South East.


ESC founded its sister co-op, Energise South, to focus on solar installations.

Energise South raised community investment to finance and install solar arrays on 8 community buildings:

  • Baird Primary School (60 kW)
  • Churchwood Primary Academy (19 kW)
  • Dudley Infant School (10 kW)
  • Hastings Academy (85 kW)
  • St. Leonards Academy (227.4 kW)
  • Hastings Furniture Service (12 kW)
  • Christ Church Hall (7.5 kW)
  • Innovation Centre (75 kW)

In response to the COVID pandemic, ESC launched a new telephone energy advice service.


ESC and BHESCo helped launch an ambitious project to create a heat decarbonisation plan for the village of Crowhurst (read more about the Warmer Crowhurst project).

ESC and Transition Town Hastings launched the Green Room, a place to support climate activity in Hastings.