Invest in Community Energy

Would you like to be part of the energy transition? We need to raise £400,000 to install solar pv on 5 Hastings based schools. By becoming an investor member you can put your money to good use, helping to decarbonise our local area, and receiving a fair return on investment.

Energise Sussex Coast set up Energise South as a dedicated unit to handle the investment and roll-out of local solar energy projects. Energise South’s share offer sets out an exciting opportunity to become part of the mission to make the South Coast zero carbon by 2030, by installing solar panels on schools, colleges, faith and community buildings, and local businesses.

Energise South are looking to raise £400,000 initially from this offer. This will fund solar arrays on St Leonards Academy, Hastings Academy, Baird Academy, Churchwood Academy and Dudley Academy. With more sites to be announced soon!

  • Minimum investment £50
  • Maximum investment £30,000
  • Projected return 5%

Closing date 30 November 2019 (or when fully subscribed if earlier, unless extended)


You can download and read the full share prospectus at the Energise South website .

You can invest online or by sending a cheque.

And don’t forget….

Investments in shares of renewable energy co-operatives and community benefit societies are long term investments to deliver an environmental and social impact as well as a financial return.  As with any investment there are risks. Your capital is at risk and may not be readily realisable. The value of your shares may go down. Returns are projected, variable, depend on performance and are not guaranteed. Consider all risks before investing. As unregulated share offers, investments do not receive the protection of the Government’s Financial Services Compensation Scheme and investors do not have recourse to the Financial Ombudsman Service.