Next Generation Mentoring

The Community Energy Peer Mentoring programme is offering the opportunity for up to 40 community energy groups and community actors who are interested in energy related projects in England to benefit from free outside expert support on a wide range of issues, from finance to PR and microgrids to renewable heat.

​Funded by the independent trust Power to Change, the programme is open to both new and established community energy groups, and provides an opportunity to network with others in the sector, share experiences and learn something new to benefit their organisation.

This new initiative builds on the Next Generation programme, which is supporting 11 new innovative schemes which include community smart lighting, harvesting solar power to charge electric vehicles, and a dedicated energy saving service for local schools.

Who is running the Nest Generation Community Energy Peer Mentoring programme?

The Community Energy Peer Mentoring programme is managed by Co-operatives UK in partnership with the Centre for Sustainable Energy (CSE). Co-operatives UK also delivers The HIVE business support programme for co-operatives and the Community Shares Booster Programme. Co-operatives UK delivered an award winning Community Energy mentoring scheme in 2015.

Who are the mentors?

In February 2021 we recruited 10 enthusiastic and experienced peer mentors.

Kayla Ente, Brighton & Hove Energy Services Co-operative

Toby Costin, Crew Energy

Peter Capener, Bath & West Community Energy

Simon Tilley, Hockerton Housing Project

Jonathan Atkinson, Carbon Co-op

Will Cottrell, Brighton Energy Coop

Gill Fenna, Quantum Strategy & Technology Ltd

Richard Watson, Energise Sussex Coast

Michael Beech, RINA Tech UK Ltd

Ben Dodd, Green Fox Community Energy Co-operative

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