Free SMART thermostat package and installation

Energise Sussex Coast is able to access a free fully funded HIVE thermostat package and installation through our funder the British Gas Energy Trust. SMART thermostats enable households to save on average £200 a year by being able to zone heating and heat different rooms to different temperatures. The HIVE thermostat is controlled by your smartphone. The package also includes 3 thermostatic radiator valves which means you will be able to heat these rooms to the exact temperature you want. It also includes a smart plug which can be switched off using your phone (useful for those hard to reach plugs such as the back of tvs etc!) and smart lightbulbs which again can be controlled remotely and can be set up to go on and off when you’re away from the house for security.

Eligibility criteria 

  • Household income under £31,000 or someone in the house receives benefits (includes disability benefits)
  • Gas/ oil or electric boiler in full working order
  • Current heating controls in property are working
  • 24/7 domestic broadband
  • Spare ethernet port in the back of internet router
  • Spare power socket next to internet router
  • Homeowner or confirmed permission from landlord


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If you have any problems you can call our energy advice team on 01424 390062

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