Energise Sussex Coast wins Community Energy Initiative Award at Regen’s Green Energy Awards 2023

Sussex-based community benefit society Energise Sussex Coast (ESC) is proud to announce it was awarded the Community Energy Initiative Award at Regen’s Green Energy Awards 2023 on Wednesday evening.

Comments from the judging panel highlighted the vital impact Energise Sussex Coast has made working directly with the communities it serves; not only supporting its most vulnerable residents in saving money on their energy bills and improving the energy efficiency of their homes, but also facilitating community owned renewable energy projects which put the power back in the hands of local people. 

The judges particularly noted the society’s remarkable social return on investment (SROI), with Energise Sussex Coast using the £1.13m of external grant funding raised to mitigate fuel poverty since its inception to generate £10.12m in social outcomes – an additional social impact benefit of £9 for every £1 spent. 

ESC Director Richard Watson celebrated the news:

“We were shortlisted alongside some really impressive projects so it took a moment for it to sink in that we really had won! We’re passionate about what we do within our local communities, and to have what we’ve achieved recognised by the rest of the industry is absolutely fantastic. Credit really must go to our incredible team of Energy Advisors for the work they’ve done to help people during this time of crisis. We were heartened to hear Merlin Hyman, Regen’s Chief Executive, open the event by highlighting the systemic change which must be undertaken across the industry to address the issues our planet and its people face.”

Having just won the Fuel Poverty Action Award at the Community Energy Awards, this marks the second award Energise Sussex Coast has won so far this year. Following on from an announcement of three year funding from the National Lottery Community Fund as well as a grant from Warm this Winter, the start of 2023 marks a pivotal time for the organisation as well as our world as a whole. 

ESC Director Kate Meakin shared her thoughts:

“We’re proud to be recognised for the work we’ve done over the past eleven years to fight fuel poverty and support the transition to a more democratic and fair energy system. What we’re all facing can feel very frightening, but we have real hope and excitement about what we’ll be able to achieve in and for our communities thanks to the funding and recognition we’ve received. It isn’t too late to change the energy system and build a brighter future for us and our world.”

About Energise Sussex Coast

Energise Sussex Coast is a community benefit co-operative. Our mission is to act co-operatively to tackle the climate crisis and energy injustice through community owned renewable power and energy saving schemes.



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