Team in 1066 Local Energy t-shirts

1066 Local Energy Campaign

We began the 1066 Energy Campaign by having a very simple idea. Hastings is celebrating its 950 year anniversary and aims to be a zero carbon town by 2066. A campaign to install 1066 solar roofs to win the battle against climate change and make energy more affordable for residents appeals to everyone.
The campaign aims:

  • Local generation of renewable energy.
  • Local ownership for community benefit.
  • Affordable energy through lower price of locally generated energy, innovative finance (buying clubs etc) and energy efficiency measures.
  • Knowledge and information sharing.


Energy use in homes amounts to just under a third of total energy use in the UK, contributing significantly to carbon emissions. In the last 10 years households have seen a staggering 140% increase to their energy bills, meaning heating our inefficient houses leads many into fuel poverty.

Our local area is one of the sunniest in Britain, we want the 1066 Energy campaign to be to use the sun to create good energy for the local area. We believe that the time has come for a community led energy revolution. One that puts local people back in control over their energy use and production and ensures the community benefits from it.

The local area has recently been successful in gaining two EU funded projects – Climate Active Neighborhoods (CAN) and Sustainable Houses in Inclusive Neighbourhoods (SHINE). The projects bring over £1.7 million of funding to the area and include programmes of retrofitting homes and community renewable energy. We think it’s the perfect time to use the momentum from the projects to launch the campaign to generate real and lasting change for 1066 Country.

Who’s involved?

The campaign has been initiated by Energise Sussex Coast, Citizens Advice 1066 and Transition Town Hastings. The campaign is based in 1066 Country which covers Hastings, Rother, Battle and Rye.

A steering group is currently being formed which aims to reflect the various local residents, community groups and organisations – to include education centres, faith groups, businesses, the arts and the local authority, along with national campaign organisations.


For more information visit the campaign website at or contact Kate Meakin,, 07840 485344