Dr Energy: What are the best options for draughty single glazed windows if you can’t afford to replace them with double glazing?

It is really worth tackling draughty windows. On average, homes lose about 15% of their energy through draughts, and on top of that feeling a draught on your neck just makes you feel cold! First step is to assess where the draughts are getting in and fill any gaps. If you have old windows that have warped, you can use foam tape (£6) and cut it to size. Next, do not underestimate the power of thick curtains! English Heritage found that fitting insulated curtains reduced energy loss through windows by 40%. If you have thin curtains you can line them with old blankets or buy clip-on thermal curtain liners (£16 approx). Alternatively, you could fit magnetic secondary glazing where you simply send your window measurements to a company who will cut a sheet of Perspex to size to fix to your window using the supplied magnetic strips. A really cheap but effective alternative is insulating film (£20) which is like a very wide cling film pulled across the window. It might not look the prettiest but as long as it’s air tight it will trap a pocket of air and help prevent heat loss.

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