Energise Sussex Coast is helping to power up the ‘Common Treasury of Adaptable Ideas’

Along with Jericho Road Solutions, ESC has set up a project to help communities benefit from ideas from other areas, and to champion our own great local ideas.

We have booked some truly inspirational speakers to tell us about ideas that have proved successful elsewhere to help towns thrive.

You are welcome to just come and listen, but if you are hungry for new ideas and have the energy to work together to adapt them to the Hastings context, you can be part of the treasure. Small pots of money and mentoring are available to support the growth of new community businesses that emerge from this event.

Confirmed inspirers so far are:

Stella Duffy OBE, the creator of Fun Palaces 
Melissa Mean from Knowle West Media Centre, Bristol
Hazel Tilley from Granby 4 Streets Community Land Trust 
Alison Paule of Paxton Green Timebank
Maff Potts of Camerados

These enthusiastic change-makers from other parts of the country will share their inspiring stories with local people who are already thinking how we become a happier, healthier and more sustainable town into the 2020s.

The Common Treasury of Adaptable Ideas is a unique Hastings initiative hosted by Energise Sussex Coast & Jericho Road Solutions – generously supported by Power to Change.

Join us for a day of inspiration and perspiration at the first showcase event of the Common Treasury of Adaptable Ideas on April 25th. Please visit the event page at https://www.facebook.com/commontreasury.org.uk for more details and to book tickets.