CAN project wins EU award!

We are proud to announce that the Climate Active Neighbourhood project that ESC took part in has recently won the prestigious European Regiostars award for its work on engaging deprived urban neighbourhoods within the context of energy and climate change.

Nine projects in Germany, France, Belgium, Holland and the UK (Plymouth and Hastings) were involved over a 3.5 year period. During this project ESC engaged with 3500 residents and organised 356 pop up energy desks. The project has inspired the ‘1066 energy campaign’ and the ‘Sustainability on Sea’ festival and led to the installation of nearly 1000 solar panels on East Sussex College Ore Valley campus from a partnership with ESC and Brighton Energy Co op.

This success has enabled ESC to set up a new renewable energy co-op – ‘Energise South’, supported by national energy co-op administrators ‘Energy 4 All’, that is now well on the way to raising £400,000 to fund community owned solar on 6 schools in Hastings – including 3 schools in the heart of the CAN project area. Anyone wishing to participate in this community share scheme can become an investor member through this link.

For more details and to view one of the CAN project videos which ESC features in, follow this link;