Be part of an eco open homes event

Energise Sussex Coast seeks local homes to take part in an “eco open homes” event – showcasing the small and large measures that local residents have taken to improve their energy efficiency, generate renewable energy or other green measures.

As part of the 1066 Local Energy campaign, Energise Sussex Coast is planning an Eco Show Homes event for September – and is looking for local people who’ve made energy efficient changes to their property and reduced their carbon emissions, who’d be willing to have their home included in the tour with either an open house or a virtual tour.

Have you had an eco refurb carried out on your home? Installed a solar thermal or bio mass boiler? Fitted energy saving insulation? Solar panels? Damp proofing? New heating system? DIY draft excluding? Wind turbine? If you have, Energise Sussex Coast would love to hear from you.

The idea is for people to share ideas, experiences and learning and to connect with neighbours and peers in their local community who are also interested in living sustainably, reducing their carbon footprint and making energy efficient improvements. This is a great way for people to find out about the practicalities and reality of making large or small changes to a property without listening to a sales pitch from a company.

This initiative is part of the Sustainable House in Inclusive Neighborhoods (SHINE) and Climate Active Neighborhoods (CAN) EU projects.

To get involved or for more details email