Funding received for ‘Green Room’ Hastings climate hub

We are delighted that our Green Room project has received funding from the Together for Our Planet funding programme from the National Lottery.

The Green Room is a community space to support action on environmental issues. The space will be used for events, advice, workshops, training, meetings and includes an information and resources section. The aim of the Green Room is to accelerate the community led transition to zero carbon. The Green Room is situation in the Common Room on Cambridge Road in Hastings. The Common Room is a public living room. This means that it is used the most fantastically diverse range of residents.

The Green Room will increase the amount of community action on climate change and environmental issues. It will bring people together and help ease the social isolation which has become endemic over Covid times. It will use the strengths and assets of the people who live in our communities to take action on the climate crisis and provide opportunities for people to come together to increase the impact of what they do. It will provide the community with a central point of information which tries to remove some of the barriers around climate action.