Energise Sussex Coast receives funding from Warm this Winter

More funding news from Sussex-based community benefit society Energise Sussex Coast (ESC) as they celebrate a funding award of £7k from the Warm this Winter coalition.

This funding enables Energise Sussex Coast to expand its work offering community led solutions to the energy crisis, organising free workshops and learning events to teach local people the valuable skills they need to make energy improvements to their homes and communities. A string of these events will take place in March and April 2023 – you can learn more as well as reserve a place by visiting www.energisesussexcoast.co.uk/events/

In addition to this, the grant will fund the development of educational material showing the role that community energy organisations can play in tackling both climate change and the cost of living crisis – where local energy generated and owned by local communities can be made available to local residents at affordable prices, and any surplus income can go to support fuel poor households. This material can then be used to encourage support for the legislative change needed to transition towards renewable energy and bring an end to the energy crisis. 

The Warm This Winter coalition is currently coordinating a decentralised lobbying movement to hold the UK government to account for its failure to address the climate and cost of living crisis, demanding decisive action on three key points:

  1. targeting extra help to people who can’t afford to heat their homes and banning companies from forcing those who are already struggling onto more expensive prepayment meters; 
  2. funding a national programme to upgrade homes now, starting with those hardest hit by the crisis, to increase energy efficiency and reduce waste; and 
  3. stopping subsidising oil and gas companies to the tune of billions of pounds, instead investing in harvesting our cheap and abundant homegrown renewable resources.

This movement is building towards a national day of action on April 1st, encouraging people to arrange a community meeting with their MP or to organise a small event or action in their town or city and invite their MP along.

To learn more about Warm this Winter as well as the ways you can support the lobbying movement, please visit www.warmthiswinter.org.uk/.

Energise Sussex Coast

Energise Sussex Coast is a community benefit co-operative. Our mission is to act co-operatively to tackle the climate crisis and energy injustice through community owned renewable power and energy saving schemes.


Warm This Winter

Warm This Winter is a new coalition that brings together anti-poverty and environmental organisations across the UK to campaign for practical measures that will help people with fuel costs now and ensure lower energy bills in the future.