Hastings Pier at sunset

The Future of Energy, a new supplement in Hastings Independent Press

The supplement, in partnership with Hastings Independent Press, is the first in what we hope will become a bi-annual publication. Inspired and supported by the Climate Active Neighbourhood project, we are reviewing the future of energy, how its generation, supply and demand is undergoing a rapid revolution at every level, and how there are inspirational initiatives happening here in our own town.

We’ve commissioned articles from local, national and international energy pioneers, plus we’re sharing some amazing offers and opportunities: there’s £500 off a new Nissan Energy Solar home with battery for anyone with a BN or TN postcode (this offer ends 30 Sept) plus the chance to invest in 1066 local energy shares, switch tariff to the Our Power not-for-profit energy tariff. Also, for businesses, the chance (which ends in 6 months) to apply for a LOCASE grant worth up to £10,000 for energy savings, including the purchase of an electric van or car.

With the solar Feed in Tariffs ending in March 2019 this is a call to action to become actively engaged participants rather than passive consumers, to change the market as individuals and as a community by embracing community solar and turning our homes into mini green power stations, especially as we live in one of the sunniest places in the UK!