Solar PV quotes

We launched the 1066 Local Energy Campaign with the aim of increasing the number of solar roofs in our sunny local area. We are now pleased to be able to offer local residents a way to get good value solar PV or battery quotes, from trusted suppliers that have been through the independent check process.

Working in partnership with community energy groups throughout the South East, Community Energy South has undertaken due diligence checks on a range of suppliers . They have reviewed key products and have put in place agreements to supply them with minimum standards for manufacture, installation and product disposal.

We have undertaken independent checks on solar PV and battery providers and are happy to refer you to them based on their:

  • Financial status
  • Experience, track record and installation standards
  • Minimum quality, environmental and health and safety standards for manufacture
  • End of life waste management standards for products

By referring you to our suppliers, we aim to give you the confidence that independent checks have been undertaken.  This agreement ensures that choosing to have solar or batteries installed will be as easy as possible and will allow you to benefit from the best prices resulting from our supplier relationships. The suppliers we refer you to also provide Energise Sussex Coast with a small referral fee that will help support our community energy work locally.

Please note, that we are able to refer you to our suppliers but do not guarantee their work or that you will receive the lowest price possible on the market. Energise Sussex Coast is an independent organisation and we are not working in association, partnership, as a joint venture or as an agency for any suppliers. Alongside the quotes that are provided to you, we recommend that you undertake your own company checks and obtain further quotes for similar quality products so you can compare the prices that you are offered. Energise Sussex Coast does not accept liability in any way for the products and services of the suppliers we refer you to.

Energise Sussex Coast also offer help and advice beyond our referral service, such as help with assessing quotes or advice on current government grants, for which we charge a small fee.

If you’re are interested in getting quotes for Solar PV and/ or batteries then please fill out the form below. Or email for more details.