Green jobs of the future

Kate Meakin of ESC is partnering with Culture Shift and Isolation Station Hastings to inspire school children in Hastings to think about working in the environment. In this short video, she describes her job, her education and what inspires her.

She says “the biggest tip I can give is just to do it, so whether it’s looking for volunteering so you can get involved that way, setting up your own campaign, you don’t have to wait for anyone, you really don’t”.

“Look at what you think needs to change, whether it is in your school, your college, your town, and have a think about what you can do to make that change, and then just start.”

“If you have a great idea there’s lots of funding, there’s lots of support to make those ideas happen, the whole way that we live and the whole way that we run our country has to change, so we are transitioning from being reliant on fossil fuels to a zero-carbon future, so what that’s going to mean is there’ll be lots of different jobs available, lots of money available for new ideas, entrepreneurs that want to make a big difference, so don’t be afraid to be the one that decides to do what needs to be done.”