Citizens Advice utilities help

Extra help with utility bills during the pandemic

Suppliers will support customers who are impacted financially as a direct or indirect result of COVID-19.

Based on individual circumstances, this could include:
●  Suppliers should consider reassessing, reducing or pausing debt repayment and bill payments for domestic customers in financial distress.
●  Suppliers should consider referring customers who are struggling to pay to third party debt advisers such as StepChange and Citizens Advice.
●  Suppliers will suspend credit meter disconnections

Suppliers will support prepayment meter customers directly or indirectly impacted by COVID-19 to stay on supply.

Based on individual circumstances, this could include:
●  extending discretionary/ friendly credit or sending out a pre-loaded top up card.
●  enabling customers to nominate a trusted third party to be able to pick up discretionary credit sent to a shop on their behalf.
●  switching smart prepayment meters into credit mode or extending non-disconnection periods (consumers will be made aware any credit will
need to be paid back).
●  promoting online smart prepayment top-up channels.
●  having particular regard to the existing rules and the potential impact of COVID-19 when considering switching a customer from credit to prepay.
●  contacting prepayment customers with advice on what to do in the event of self-isolation