Climate Action Hub and community spaces

Energise Sussex Coast received funding from the Co-operative Foundation and the Postcode Local Trust to develop sustainable community hubs and spaces where they are most needed.

As part of this funding Energise Sussex Coast is mapping existing community spaces and in partnership with other green groups is creating a business plan for Hastings first Climate Action Hub.

Tell us your views!

We would love to know your thoughts and ideas about what shape a Climate Action Hub could take and how we can come together as a community to make it happen. Please take 5 minutes to fill in this short consultation questionnaire.

What if…

Hastings, St Leonards and Rother had a Climate Action Hub?

A place in the town to….

  • Support community groups and businesses working for a greener town
  • Create space for discussions, learning, ideas and connections
  • Build knowledge
  • Incubate new projects and businesses
  • Demonstrate sustainable technologies and practices

A space to help us transition to a zero carbon Hastings and Rother by 2030.

We would love to hear your thoughts on what shape this should take and how we can all make it happen.

Imagine… It’s 2030 and Hastings & Rother have achieved net zero carbon. This transition has resulted in better places to live for local residents. The Climate Action Hub played a huge role in mobilising the community, businesses and individuals to help make this possible.

Now think about everything that Climate Action Hub needs to do to achieve success: what is in the hub? Who is in the hub and what do they need? What resources are there? What space is there? Who uses it and why? What type of building or outside space is it? Where is it located?

Please let us know all your ideas – blue sky thinking is fine!

Climate Action Hub Survey

Climate Action Hub Survey

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