Amber Rudd MP meeting with Energise Sussex Coast

Amber Rudd MP supports our work in the community

Amber Rudd MP made a short visit to our offices on January 27th to find out about our latest energy projects and those of our partner Citizens Advice 1066.

She was introduced to local mould and damp expert Tanya Eldridge and shown how to use a thermal imaging camera, a tool that could help local people save money on home energy bills. Use the camera under the right conditions and you can discover where you’re losing heat, how your insulation’s holding up, electrical problems, as well as water damage in your home.

Amber Rudd MP said, “I strongly believe that the work which Energise Sussex Coast achieves is hugely beneficial on several important social and environmental fronts.

Firstly, they provide real assistance for the fuel poor in Hastings, helping as many as 856 people with their energy bills in 2016 and organising over 150 energy desks and energy café events.  This scheme is invaluable for vulnerable residents for whom a small amount of savings can make a real difference.

In addition, their work in supporting individuals who have been disconnected from their energy supply or overcharged is similarly important.  One individual on their own can find it difficult to take on an energy company, so this assistance is significant.

Furthermore, their interest in climate change and their work on boosting solar energy in the locality is also very important.  I have known Richard Watson for several years now, and I really value and admire his work.”