Energise Sussex Coast is a community benefit co-operative set up to accelerate the transition to a low carbon future through the development of community owned renewable energy generation projects and energy efficiency schemes.

Local – we saved local residents over £100,000 in 2015/16. We know that our local knowledge, one to one intensive energy advice gives our clients the time and support they need to ease the burden of fuel poverty.

Pioneers – we are piloting innovative schemes such as Energy Local to develop local energy generation and storage solutions together with Time of Use tariffs.

Ambitious – we are launching the 1066 Energy Campaign, transforming the way we generate and use energy locally and influencing the national agenda on how communities can tackle the twin problems of fuel poverty and climate change.

Our History


ESC first began giving energy advice and promoting the *CERT and *CESP schemes from a Rother District Council owned energy advice centre



Started pop-up Energy shops and energy advice desks at locations frequented by the fuel poor target groups (at Libraries, Town Halls, community centres, medical practices, Job centres and Day centres). ESC was involved in the first Big Energy Saving Network (BESN) scheme, established in 2013 to address exclusion in the energy market.



ESC led a group of 15 energy champion groups across Sussex and Kent who gave energy switching advice to 2150 vulnerable residents and trained 660 frontline staff. This was the BESN’s largest regional group and one of its most successful.



A partnership of Amicus Horizon, Hastings Council and Energise Sussex Coast win £900,000 in an EU funded bid to improve 600 homes in Ore over 3 years – the first Climate Active Neighbourhood (CAN) scheme.


*CERT = Carbon Emissions Reduction Target *CESP = Community Energy Saving Programme